user phpfox 1 1 1 module_user 4 '20', 1 => '50', 2 => '60', 3 => '75', 4 => '100', 5 => '120', 6 => '200', );";]]> 0 0 0 0 1 1 6 0 60 1 0 5 25 0 1 1 1900 1997 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 5 0 15 0 0 0 0 1 F j, Y F j 1 0 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Registration Block User Register Top database() ->select('COUNT(u.user_id)') ->from(Phpfox::getT('user'), 'u') ->join(Phpfox::getT('user_field'), 'uf', 'uf.user_id = u.user_id') ->where('u.status_id = 0 AND u.view_id = 0') ->execute('getSlaveField');]]> Log In User User Name Add User Group Setting Setting successfully added. Select a varname for your user setting. Add information regarding the user setting. Setting Details Product Module Varname Type User Group Values Language Package Details Info Manage User Settings User group updated. Invalid user group. Setting successfully updated. Manage User Groups Default User Groups Title User Actions Select Action Edit Manage User Group User Group Information Title for the user group. User Group Settings User Name Email Login ID Password Remember me Login Sign Up Forgot Password? {name} Login Sign up for {name}]]> Forgot your password? Provide your user name. Provide your email. Provide your user name or email. Provide your password. Login Invalid User Name. Invalid Email. Invalid Login ID. Invalid Password. You need to be logged in to do that. Sign Up and Start Using {site} Members Account Can add/edit settings for user groups? Note: Enable this feature only if creating a plug-in or modifying the package. Can control privacy settings on their own profile? Can control notification privacy settings? Can override a users privacy setting? Multi-step Registration FormEnabling this option will turn the registration process into multiple steps and using as few fields as we can on the first step to entice users to register.]]> Users are required to upload a profile image? Registration StepsWith this option you can add extra steps to the registration process.]]> Edit Profile About Me About Me Interests Interests Music Movies Details Smoker Yes Usernames to suggestWhen users fail the username verification at signup several usernames will be suggested. The values here are the first part of those suggestions, (the second part is a random number). Possible outcomes: user234 member181 friend921]]> How many usernames to suggestWhen users verify their username at signup they are presented with a list of valid usernames they can choose from, how many usernames to show in that list?]]> No Sometimes Drinker Browsing Users Display ResultsSelect name_photo if you would like to by default display the users name and photo only within the browse section. Select name_photo_detail if you would like to display the users name, photo and general details about the person within the browse section.]]> Can edit their gender? Custom full name field Can edit date of birth? Notice: Requires the ability to log into the AdminCP.]]> Can stay logged into the site? Can change profile photos added by other users? Can edit privacy settings for other users? Can change own user name? How many times can this user group edit their user name? Force Profile PrivacyDefine what age should a users profile be forced to be private regardless of their profile privacy setting. If the user's age is the the same or lower than the setting, only their friends will be able to see their profile and interact with them. Notice: Set to "0" (without quotes) for no limit.]]> Can block members? Can this user group be blocked by other users? Validate Full/Display NameSet to True if you would like to validate a users full name.]]> Members Can members of this user group feature and unfeature members? Random featured membersShould featured members randomly show up?]]> How Many Featured Members To ShowThis setting tells how many featured members will be shown at one time.]]> Verify Email At SignupWhen a guest signs up, should they verify their email address? If enabled an email will be sent with a special link to verify that is their address.]]> Verify Email TimeoutThis setting tells how much time (in minutes) new members have in order to verify their email address. Make sure your email server is well configured as this setting relies on the user being able to click the link sent when they signed up. If your site allows changing email address and you require the new one to be verified as well this setting also applies in this case. Set it to 0 to disable the timeout.]]> Should members of this user group be allowed to change their email address? Logout After Changing EmailIf users must verify their email address, when they change their email address should they be logged out so they need to verify right away? If you set this to no they will be able to use the site until they sign out, after that they will need to verify their email address.]]> Users -> Browse Users ?]]> reason 3 reason 4 Can members of this user group delete their own account? Can members of this user group change their full name? How many times can members of this user group change their full name? Leave to 0 for unlimited Account Settings Privacy Settings Edit Profile Picture Can select to be invisible? Display User Online StatusThis produces an "is Online" message when the avatar is hovered over.]]> Note: This is used to make sure all photos on the site are correctly cropped.]]> Minimum Length for UsernameMinimum Length for Username]]> Maximum Length for UsernameMaximum Length for Username]]> Your password has been sent to your email. We found a problem with your request, please try again. You cannot rate your own profile. This username is available. User successfully blocked. User successfully unblocked. Unfeature User Feature User An error occurred and this operation was not completed. An error occurred and this user could not be verified. An error occurred and the email could not be sent. Profile photo successfully uploaded. Done! Un-Ban User Ban User Unable to find this member. Unable to block this user. View All Featured Members Set Browse Criteria Basic Advanced Option updated successfully. Option added successfully. Item not found. Add Cancellation Options View Feedback On Cancellations Option deleted successfully. Manage Cancellation Options User Groups Manage Settings User group successfully added. Create New User Group Successfully deleted user group. Unable to find the user group you want to delete. Not allowed to delete this user group. Delete User Group User successfully updated. Basic Information Display Name User Group Location City ZIP/Postal Code Gender Date of Birth Time Zone Status SPAM Count Editing Member Browse Members Add New Member Password request successfully sent. Check your email to verify your request. Password Request New password successfully sent. Check your email to use your new password. Password Request Verification Members section is closed. Joined Last Login Name Men Women Both All Members Online Pending Verification Members Name and Photo Only Name, Photo and Users Details You still need to verify your email address. Logout Lost Password Upload Profile Picture Edit Profile Picture Privacy settings have been disabled for your user group. Privacy settings successfully updated. Privacy Settings Successfully updated {full_name} profile. Edit Profile Cancel Account Unable to edit this account. Select current location. Select your gender. Select month of birth. Select day of birth. Select year of birth. ZIP/Postal code is invalid. Provide your full name. Provide a user name. Account settings updated. Account settings updated. Your new mail address requires verification and an email has been sent. Until then your email remains the same. Email updated. You need to verify your new email address before logging in. Account Settings Full Name Your email has been verified, please log in with the information you provided during sign up. Invalid verification link. Not able to block yourself. You have already blocked this user. Select a product. Select a module. You need to add a message to show. Select if the cancellation option is active or not. Please enter your password. You are not allowed to delete your own account. Your account has been deleted. Not a valid request. Provide a name for the user group. Select an inherit user group. Email Verification On {site_title} {link}]]> Email does not match the one that is currently in use. {email}]]> You do not have permission to modify this item. Members View More Members Member joined {joined}.]]> {full_name} updated their profile picture.]]> {full_name} joined the community.]]> Users Profile - Main Section Users Profile - Basic Information Users Profile - Side Panel Users Profile Account Info Activity Users User Activity Time Stamp Not a valid email. Password request for {site_title} {link}]]> Not a valid password request. Password request ID does not match. New password for {site_title} {link}]]> The field `{field}` is required. Not a valid name. Select a membership package. Please verify your email for: {site_title} {link}]]> Not a valid city. This display name is not allowed to be used. Add some text to share. Fill in a display name. Select a user group for this user. Select a location. Select a gender. Select a date of birth. Username is required and can only contain alphanumeric characters and _ or - and must be between 5 and 25 characters long. Provide a valid email. Missing old password. Missing new password. Your current password does not match your old password. You should not ban yourself. Provide a valid password. Check our agreement in order to join our site. Not a valid user name. User name can only contain alphanumeric characters and _ or - and must be between {min} and {max} characters long. Unable to upload. You have reached your limit of {current}. You are currently using {total}. Unable to upload. You have reached your limit of {limit}. With this upload you will be using {total}. Unable to find the user you plan to edit. User name is already in use. This username is not allowed to be used. Email is invalid and cannot be used. This email is not allowed to be used. Loading custom fields Continue You are about to delete... Total Activity Are you completely sure you want to delete this user? No, Cancel Yes, Delete HTML Prefix HTML Suffix cancel You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The advised width/height is 20 pixels. Yes No Choose a Username Your username is used to easily connect to your profile. Check Availability Email Address Membership Select (Free) Normal Membership Upgrades Click here to learn more about our memberships. Would you like to unblock {user_info}? Yes, unblock this user. No, do not unblock this user. Are you sure you want to block {user_info}? Yes, block this user. No, do not block this user. Search by email, full name or user name. Loading Sorry, no users were found. Use Selected Cancel Browse For Between Ages Located Within Keywords within Any Display Results By Sort Results By Update Reset View More Old Password New Password Select an Image File Upload Picture Anyone Network Friends Only No One go advanced Username is not available, here are other suggestions you may like. Click to change your status. (none) save or cancel]]> Add New Option Cancellation Reason Is Active Submit E-Mail Reasons Given Feedback Text Deleted On Delete Feedback No feedback to review Active Manage Edit Reason Delete Reason Deactivate Activate There are no options available. Click here to add. User Group Details Inherit Add User Group Saving Module Settings Save Notice: This cannot be undone.]]> Yes, I am sure. Move any members that belong to the user group "{title}" to]]> Delete this User Group No thanks, get me out of here. Edit User Group Custom User Groups Are you sure? Delete N/A PHP Check the box to confirm that you want to edit this field. Profile Picture Photo Change This Photo Profile Privacy Notification Custom Fields Request New Password Member Search Search Age Group Show Members Group Last Activity Resend Verification Mail Verify this user Delete User (Verify) View all the activity from this IP. Birthday Age View Profile Send Message Add {full_name} as your Friend. Add to Friends Un-Feature this member. Unfeature Feature this member. Feature Unable to find any members with the current browse criteria. Reset Browse Criteria You have logged out. Skip This Step Thumbnail Profile Picture Cropping Tool Avatar The image you uploaded is rather small so we are unable to crop it, however you can still save this image if you want to use it. Save Avatar Original Preview Upload a New Profile Picture The file size limit is {file_size}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. Invisible Mode Enable Invisible Mode Save Changes Profile Display age and date of birth. Display age and day/month of birth. Display only my age. Display only day/month of birth. Hide my age and date of birth. Notifications Blocked Users Check the boxes to unblock users. You have not blocked any users. View your updated profile. Updating profile No custom fields have been added. Add a New Custom Field Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.]]> Sign Up Terms of Use Privacy Policy Are you sure you want to delete your account? {user_info} will miss you. Why are you deleting your account? Please tell us why Enter your password Are you absolutely sure? This operation cannot be undone. Delete My Account {total_user_change} out of {total} user name changes. Changing your email address requires you to verify your new email. Change Password Enable DST (Daylight Savings Time) detection. Cancel your account The link that brought you here is not valid, it may already have expired. Email verify links expire {time} after being sent.

A new verification link has been sent to your email address, please verify your address on time

This site is very concerned about security and therefore it requires you to verify your email address.

An email has been sent to you, it contains a special link which verifies you and allows you to log in freely. This verification is required only once for this email address.

Please check your email and verify your email address now.

Primary Language Edit User On Signup New FriendIf you select a user from the drop down this user will automatically become friends with any new member that registers.]]> Provide a name that is not representing an empty name. Email is not valid. You have already added this recently. Try adding something else. Spam Check Status UpdatesDefine how many status updates should we check to see if the new status update the user is adding is similar and if one is we will guide them to add another status update.]]> Rating Confirm Password Password successfully updated. Confirm your new password. Your confirmed password does not match your new password. Search For Members Icon Complete this step to setup your personal profile. You are required to upload a profile image. Joined {time_stamp} User ID# Provide a valid email address. New Members New Comments Updating {total_full_name_change} out of {allowed} Redirect After SignUpAdd the full path you want to send users right after they register. If you want to use our default routine just leave this blank.]]> Suggest Usernames At RegistrationWhen enabled the guest will be shown a list of valid usernames if the one they attempted is not available. This setting enables or disables "Usernames to suggest"]]> Enable DST (Daylight Savings Time) Date of Birth (Start)Date of Birth (Start)]]> Date of Birth (End)Date of Birth (End)]]> your-user-name Forum Signature {space_total} out of {total} Mb Sorry, no members found. Can search a users gender using the browse filter? Can search for users based on their age using the browse filter? Register for An Account Can browse users using the public browse section? Featured Members {full_name} liked that they joined the community.]]> {full_name} liked that {view_full_name} joined the community.]]> {full_name} liked that you joined the community.]]> {full_name} likes your status.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own status.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s status.]]> {full_name} likes your profile photo.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own profile photo.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s profile photo.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own comment.]]> No featured members. There are no members online. Browsing Users Default OrderSelect full_name to order members based on their full name in ascending order. Select last_login to order members based on their last activity, where the latest person to be active on the site is first.]]> User Age Privacy on Browse SectionEnable this option to remove users that have hidden their age from the browse section.]]> User Default Privacy Setting on RegistrationWith this setting you can control the default privacy setting for a user when they register. This will control how others view their profile. anyone = Anyone can view their profile. network = Only members of the site can view their profile. friends_only = Only their friends can view their profile. no_one = Nobody can view their profile.]]> Submit {total_score} out of 5. Minimum Ratings for "Top Rated" UsersDefine how many times a member must be rated on before they are listed on the "Top Rated" section.]]> Top Rated Members No top members found. All Male Female Update User Photos {total_score} out of 10 Total Activity Points Activity Points Approve UsersEnable this if you want to approve users before they can log into the site.]]> Your account is pending approval. Pending Approval Deny User Approve User User successfully approved. Not Approved User successfully denied. Account Approved {link}]]> Users Pending Approval Allow users to edit their default site currency? Preferred Currency Show prices and make purchases in this currency. Payment Methods Display or Full NameWhen a user registers on the site they can either enter their full name or display name. This setting controls what they should be entering.]]> Pending Email Verification Disable Username on RegistrationIf this is enabled it will disable the "Username" field on the registration form. The Username is used to create a vanity URL of users (eg. If this is disabled we will use their unique ID number to create their vanity URL. You can then enable a user group setting that can allow users to edit their username at a later time.]]> Email Verification Mail Sent Verification email sent. Resend Verification Email Promotions Manage Promotions Add Promotion Upgraded User Group Total Days Registered No promotions found. Promotion successfully deleted. Promotion successfully updated. Promotion successfully added. Editing Promotion Promotion Details Days Registered Move User to User Group Check For PromotionsIf you enable this option it will enable the promotion system and will run a check on users when they are logged into the site.]]> Congratulations! You have been promoted to the following user group: {title} here.]]> User(s) successfully deleted. Delete Selected User(s) successfully banned. User(s) successfully un-banned. Ban Selected Un-Ban Selected Ban Un-Ban With Selected Delete user {full_name} Email verification(s) sent. User(s) verified. Approve User(s) successfully approved. IP Address {full_name} commented on one of your activity feeds.]]> Allow User RegistrationEnable this setting to allow public registration.]]> Can manage user group settings? Can edit user groups? Can delete user group? You are unable to delete a site administrator. You are unable to ban a site administrator. You are unable to edit a site administrators account. User AJAX TooltipEnable this setting to load an AJAX popup when hovering over certain member names that include the users profile image as well as some information about them.]]> Logout We have missed you Hello {user_name},
we have missed you at {site_name}

Why not come and pay a visit to your friends, there's lots of catching up to do

There are a total of {iCount} inactive members Enter a number of days Enter a number to size each batch Not enough users to mail Can members of this user group log in as another user without entering a password? Log in as this user Member Snoop {user_name} ({full_name}). This has the same effect as if you logged in with that user's password. When in this mode, all your actions will be regarded as executed by {full_name}.
To go back to your admin user you will need to log out and back in.]]>
Abort log in as this user Your registration to {site_name} has been denied At this moment your profile does not meet the minimum requirements for our site. If you feel this is an error, feel free to contact us to {site_email} {user_name} from the site. If you want to send an email to this user you may do it here]]> Deny and send email Deny without email Brute Force Prevention: Attempts CountHow many attempts are allowed within the time limit? This setting is used together with "Brute Force Prevention: Time limit" to better protect your site from brute force login attempts. You define a time in minutes and how many failed attempts are allowed within that period of time, if a user fails to log in within that period of time, missing this many tries the account is locked for a certain time, this lock time is defined by the cool down time and during this time even if the correct log in is entered, access will be denied.]]> Brute Force Prevention: Time LimitHow many minutes back should the script check? Set this to 0 if you do not want to run this check This setting is used together with "Brute Force Prevention: Attempts Count" to better protect your site from brute force login attempts.]]> Brute Force Prevention: Cool DownWhen an account has been locked due to a brute force check, how many minutes should the user wait before unlocking the account?]]> Forgot Password tool. You can try to log in again in {iUnlockTimeOut} minutes.]]> That user does not exist here.]]> Force Users to Upload Profile ImageEnable this option to force users to upload a profile image before they can register.]]> Profile Image Relationship Status Single In a relationship Engaged Married Its complicated In an open relationship Widowed Separated Divorced Hide Main MenuEnable this option to hide the main menu if a user is not logged into the site.]]> Invite OnlyEnable this option if your community is an "invite only" community.]]> Terms & Privacy ConfirmationEnable this option if users must confirm that they understand and have read over your sites terms and privacy policies.]]> Account Settings Privacy Settings Enable RelationshipsIf you would like your users to have the ability to set their relationship status on your community, enable this feature.]]> 1 mutual friend {total} mutual friends Add Friend Advanced Filters Close Advanced Filters 1 member. {total} members. 1 person likes this. {total} people like this. {age} years old Mutual Friends ({total}) Add as Friend Say Happy Birthday Customize how other users interact with your profile. Show my full birthday in my profile. Customize your default settings for when sharing new items on the site. Note this only changes your default settings for future items and does not change any items you have already shared. To change the privacy settings on those items you can customize the items privacy by editing the item itself. Items View Your Profile Send you a message Display RSS subscribers count Subscribe to your RSS feed View who recently viewed your profile View your friends Share on your wall View your wall Rate your profile View photos within your profile View your profile View your basic information View your profile information View your location Community Blogs Polls Photos Songs Quizzes {full_name} liked one of your status updates. {content}" To view this status update follow the link below: {link}]]> {content}" that you posted on {row_full_name}'s wall. To view this comment follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name} liked one of your comments {content}" that you posted. To view this comment follow the link below: {link}]]> {sSiteTitle} is an invite only community. Enter your email below if you have received an invitation. {sSiteName} helps you connect and share with the people in your life. I am {sSiteTitle} helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Join {sSiteTitle} to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile. or sign up with Keep me logged in Login or login with Sign Up for {sSiteTitle} Profile photo successfully updated. Search friends by their name... Login {full_name} commented on your status update. Get information about a user based on the user ID# you pass. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. {full_name}'s status update "{title}"]]> {link}]]> {full_name} commented on one of {gender} status updates. {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> Unable to post a comment on this item due to privacy settings. {full_name} commented on {gender} status update "{title}"]]> {full_name} commented on your status update "{title}"]]> {full_name} commented on {other_full_name}'s status update "{title}"]]> Pending Confirmation User D.O.B (Month, Day & Year)Control how we display the users date of birth for the privacy setting "Show my full birthday in my profile".]]> User D.O.B (Month & Day)Control how we display the users date of birth for the privacy setting "Show only month & day in my profile.".]]> User registration has been disabled Default Birthday Privacy SettingUsers can control their default privacy settings when it comes to how they want their birthdays to be displayed on their profile. When users sign up and have not chosen a privacy setting you can define a default setting for the site. Here is a key of what the values stand for... full_birthday = Show full birthday month_day = Show month & day show_age = Only show the users age hide = Hide users age/birthday]]> {user_name} tagged you in a comment {user_name} tagged you in a status update Show Activity Points on DashboardEnable this option to show the activity points displayed on the dashboard.]]> Shorter Password Reset RoutineIf this is enabled when a user clicks on Forgot your password he will receive an email with a link, when clicking on the link he will be shown an input where to change the password. The site will not assign a new password to that user and the previous password will work until it has been reset.]]> Request expired. Please try again. Members to with Set as Cover Photo Set this photo as your profile cover photo. Add a Cover Change Cover Choose From Photos Upload Photo Reposition Remove Drag to Reposition Cover Cancel Select a Photo Upload Status Updates Who can tag me in written contexts? Maximum Length for Full NameMaximum length for full name]]> Please shorten your full name to a maximum of {iMax} characters. Please shorten your display name to a maximum of {iMax} characters. Timeline Administrator Registered User Guest Staff Banned Banned {time} minutes {time} hour {time} hours {time} days User split full nameSplit user's full name into last name and first name]]> Please reenter your email again below. Landing Page Wall Profile Info Please fill in both your first and last name. Activity Points Conversion RateDefine how much an activity point is worth for each available currency.]]> Purchasing with Activity PointsEnable this option if you would like to allow users to be able to purchase items using their activity points.]]> Force Users to Reenter EmailEnable this option to add a new input field where users would have to reenter their email during the registration process to assure they are entering the correct email.]]> You can purchase this with your activity points. You have {yourpoints} activity point(s). This will cost {yourcost} activity point(s). You do not have enough points to purchase this item. You have a total of {total} activity point(s). Thank you for your purchase. How many points would you like to purchase? Purchase Activity PointsIf enabled, users will be allowed to purchase activity points.]]> Purchase Points Birth Date Unable to share this post due to privacy settings. Uploading image... Profile Photo Cache PreventionEnable this option to force a users own profile photo from being cached. This will always assure the user will see the latest profile photo they uploaded.]]> Show users who have not logged in for days Send mails in batches of Get Members Count Process Mailing Job Stop Mailing Job Can purchase with activity points? Purchase Activity Points First Name Last Name Privacy Settings]]> Anti-Spam Security Questions Anti Spam Question Spam Check Requires All QuestionsIf set to true visitors will have to answer all of the spam questions available before creating their account. If this setting is set to false visitors will have to answer only one question, chosen randomly by the site.]]> Should members of this user group search other users in the site by Zip code?. (This setting does not affect the AdminCP) Question deleted successfully Please enter your date of birth. create a language phrase here, and use it when adding the question or answers.]]> Add New Question You can add an image if you like Delete Image You can add your question here You can enter the HTML code for a language phrase, for example Now add at least one valid answer Add more answers You can use HTML code for language phrases, for example Add Question Current Questions Image Question Answers That question does not exist. All hack attempts are forbidden and logged. CAPTCHA failed Edit Question Featured UsersThis caches the list of featured users.]]> Cache Users SQL INNER JOINSCache users INNER JOINS to stop querying the database for user details.]]> Cache Recent LoginsCache the users that have recently logged in. Setting is in minutes.]]> Disable Last Time Stamp for UsersIf enabled we don't store the last time a user visits the site.]]> View More Search Options Reason cookie session Full birthday Show age only Hide
can_add_user_group_setting can_control_profile_privacy can_control_notification_privacy can_override_user_privacy require_profile_image can_edit_gender_setting custom_name_field can_edit_dob can_edit_users can_stay_logged_in can_change_other_user_picture can_edit_other_user_privacy can_change_own_user_name total_times_can_change_user_name can_block_other_members can_be_blocked_by_others can_feature can_change_email can_verify_others_emails can_delete_own_account can_change_own_full_name total_times_can_change_own_full_name can_delete_others_account can_be_invisible total_upload_space force_cropping_tool_for_photos max_upload_size_profile_photo can_search_user_gender can_search_user_age can_browse_users_in_public can_edit_user_group_membership can_view_if_a_user_is_invisible can_edit_currency can_manage_user_group_settings can_edit_user_group can_delete_user_group can_member_snoop can_purchase_with_points hide_from_browse can_search_by_zip '1', 'title' => 'Administrator', 'is_special' => '1' ), array( 'user_group_id' => '2', 'title' => 'Registered User', 'is_special' => '1' ), array( 'user_group_id' => '3', 'title' => 'Guest', 'is_special' => '1' ), array( 'user_group_id' => '4', 'title' => 'Staff', 'is_special' => '1' ) ); foreach ($aRows as $aRow) { $aInsert = array(); foreach ($aRow as $sKey => $sValue) { $aInsert[$sKey] = $sValue; } $this->database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('user_group'), $aInsert); } $iUserGroupId = Phpfox::getService('')->add(array( 'title' => 'Banned', 'inherit_id' => 2 ) ); $this->database()->update(Phpfox::getT('setting'), array('value_actual' => $iUserGroupId), 'module_id = \'core\' AND var_name = \'banned_user_group_id\''); $this->database()->update(Phpfox::getT('user_group_custom'), array('default_value' => '1'), 'user_group_id = ' . (int) $iUserGroupId . ' AND module_id = \'core\' AND name = \'user_is_banned\''); ]]>