pages 0 integer admin_in_charge_of_page_claims setting_admin_in_charge_of_page_claims 1 3.4.0beta1 0 pages 0 boolean show_page_admins setting_show_page_admins 1 3.4.0beta1 0 pages 3.4.0beta1 user_setting_can_claim_page 1345729845 Can members of this user group contact the site to claim a page? pages 3.4.0beta1 setting_admin_in_charge_of_page_claims 1345733443 Admin in Charge of Page ClaimsChoose which admin should receive a mail when someone claims a page. Claiming a page is a user group setting, not every member is allowed to claim a page. To enable a user group to claim pages please go to Users -> Manage User Groups.]]> pages 3.4.0beta1 admin_menu_manage_claims 1346156588 Manage Claims pages 3.4.0beta1 step_count 1347264641 Step {count} pages 3.4.0beta1 skip_view_this_page 1347264684 pages 3.4.0beta1 after_updating 1347264713 After Updating pages 3.4.0beta1 go_to_the_next_step 1347264756 Go to the next step pages 3.4.0beta1 view_this_page_lower 1347264855 View this page pages 3.4.0beta1 setting_show_page_admins 1344509028 Show Page AdminsEnable this option to show the page admins within a block when viewing a page. The person who created the page will be listed as the "Founder".]]> pages 3.4.0beta1 founder 1344509085 Founder pages 3.4.0beta1 full_name_s_pages 1344588607 pages 3.4.0beta1 upload_a_new_image_below_if_you_wish_to_change_this_icon 1344857405 Upload a new image below if you wish to change this icon. pages 3.4.0beta1 icon 1344857415 Icon pages 3.4.0beta1 continue 1345021485 Continue 0 pages boolean true false false false pages 0 can_claim_page pages admin pages 0 1 1 pages coverphoto pages 0 1 1 pages profile pages.profile pages 1 0 1 0 pages.view pages admin 3 1 5 1 Page Admins