comment phpfox 0 1 0 module_comment F j, Y 10 1 0 10 2 2 0 3 0 10 4 0 1 1 Can use a WYSIWYG Editor on comments? Note: The WYSIWYG Editor feature must be enabled. Can edit their own comments? Can edit comments added by other users? Can delete their own comments? Can delete comments added by other users? Specify how many points the user will receive when adding a new comment. Allow users to vote on comments? Can post comments? Comment {full_name} wrote at {date}]]> Edit Reply Quote Delete Delete Comment Last Update on {date} by {full_name} Fill in some text for your comment Leave a Reply Comment Submit Comment Adding Comment Comment Deleted Voted! {total} Vote {total} Votes Vote This Comment Up Vote This Comment Down Comments add a comment.]]> {full_name} wrote at {date} Name Email (Will not be published) Website Login or Signup to be first.]]> Define how many minutes this user group should wait before they can post a new comment. Note: Set to 0 if there should be no limit. RSS Feed on CommentsSet to True to enable RSS feeds on comments.]]> Total Child CommentsDefine how many child comments can a parent comment have? Note: This is only used if threaded replies are enabled.]]> Can moderate comments? Spam Check CommentsSpam Check Comments]]> Comment Hash CheckIf enabled this will check if the last X comments added in the last Y minutes are identical to the comment being added. Notice: X & Y are settings that can be changed.]]> Comments To CheckIf the setting to check if comments are identical you can set here how many comments in the past should be checked.]]> Comment Minutes to Wait Until Next CheckIf the setting to check if comments are identical you can set here how far back we should check in minutes.]]> Posting a comment a little too soon. {total_time} Add some text to your comment. Your comment was successfully added, however this item requires that all comments be moderated by the owner before they are publicly displayed. Last update on {time_stamp} by {full_name}. Comment successfully deleted. Fill in your name. Comments Last Activity Rating RSS feeds are disabled for comments. Comment does not exist. Nothing new to approve. Comments Pending Approval {total})]]> New Comments Comments for Approval Add Comment View Comments {user_link} added a comment and is pending your approval. By: {full_name} Latest comments on {site_title}. Latest Comments Your comment has been marked as spam. It will have to be approved by an Admin before it is displayed publicly. Not a valid comment. Unable to moderate this comment. Email Will not be published. Message Item Approve Deny Your comment has successfully added. View replies ({total}) to this comment. Are you sure? {user_link} at {item_time_stamp}. View More Moderate Comments Comment successfully approved. {item_name}.]]> No comments. Can this user group delete comments posted on their own profile? No comments added. Allow Comments on ProfileEnable this feature to allow comments on profiles.]]> Loading View all {total_left} comments Comments Text View All Comments View All Comments ({total}) Cannot comment on this item as it does not exist any longer. Comments Comments You cannot write a comment on your own profile. Can comment on own profile? Update Owner ID# for Comments (Only for those that upgraded from v1.6.21). Your old v1.6.21 setting file must exist in order for us to continue. Old setting file: {file} {full_name} approved your comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> {full_name} likes your comment.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own comment.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s comment.]]> Approve comments before they are displayed publicly? Your comment has successfully been added, however it is pending an Admins approval. Comments Comment Approved on {site_title} {link}]]> Subscribe to comments Total Comments in Activity FeedDefine how many comments should be displayed within each activity feed.]]> Total Amount of Comments To LoadWhen a user clicks to view more comments on a feed or item this setting controls how many comments to load via AJAX on the page they are on. If this number is surpassed they are then directed to the parent item where it will display all the comments and comes built in with a pager.]]> Delete this comment 1 person {total} people Viewing Comment Total Nested CommentsDefine how many nested comments we should display. Note: This is only used if threaded replies are enabled.]]> View {total} more Viewing a single comment. View previous comments Can delete any comments posted on their own item? Comment on Items comment Load Comments via AJAXEnable to load comments via AJAX when viewing items.]]> wysiwyg_on_comments edit_own_comment edit_user_comment delete_own_comment delete_user_comment points_comment can_vote_on_comments can_post_comments comment_post_flood_control can_moderate_comments can_delete_comments_posted_on_own_profile can_comment_on_own_profile approve_all_comments can_delete_comment_on_own_item