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Can post comments on blogs? No they will not have the opportunity to enter a password thus not allowing them to view such blogs.]]> Specify how many points the user will receive when adding a new blog. blog category limit Blog nice test This category already exists. {full_name} in {categories}]]> {full_name}]]> {total} Comment {total} Comments View Entry This blog is password protected. Enter Password Click to Edit Title Delete Blog Search Blogs... Blogs You are unable to view password protected blogs. Password is invalid. The blog you are looking for cannot be found. Comments have been disabled. No blogs have been added. Be the first to add a blog Title Fill in a title for your blog Add some content to your blog Maximum length for your password is {length} Add a New Blog Add a New Blog Blogs Your blog has been added Post Categories All Public Personal Most Used Manage Categories Add a new category... Separate multiple categories with commas. Add Additional Options Privacy Public (Blog will be added to our public blog section) Personal (Blog will only be displayed on your profile) Friends (Only you and your friends can view this blog) Preferred List (Only you and the members you select can view this blog) Separate friends with commas. Password-Protect Discussion Allow Comments Post Status Published Draft Save as Draft Preview Publish Update Blog Preview Editing Blog Blog Updated Invalid search ID# Searching No search results found! Add New Blog Search Filter Top Bloggers Time Most Viewed Most Talked About Search For Text Display Sort By Added Blog Deleted Password is invalid. You are unable to view password protected blogs. Click to edit permalink. Permalink You have reached your limit. Search for User Created By Name Total Blogs System Delete Selected None Users Categories successfully deleted. Add New Category Category successfully added. Provide a blog category. Category Details Category Sort By Created By Show drafts count in blog moduleEnables the module to show how many drafts does each user have from the section]]> Show how many drafts are stored Can delete blog categories created by other users? Can delete own blog categories? Display Blog Category CountSet to True if you would like to display the blog count for each of the categories displayed publicly.]]> Blogs Blogs Latest Blogs Latest Blogs Categories Blog categories... How Long is the PreviewHow much of the blog to show on the main blog section? Value is in characters, i.e.: 15 would show something like: "Lorem ipsum dol..." 0 = No limit]]> Can approve blogs? Spam Check BlogsSpam Check Blogs]]> Allow Links in Blog TitlesAllow Links in Blog Titles]]> Blog Meta DescriptionMeta description added to pages related to the Blog module.]]> Blog Meta KeywordsMete keywords that will be displayed on sections related to the Blog module.]]> Add a title. Add some text. Unable to edit this blog. Blog successfully saved. Blogs Blogs {owner_full_name} added a new blog "{title}".]]> We do not allow links in titles. Your blog has been marked as spam. It will have to be approved by an Admin before it is displayed publicly. The blog you are trying to approve is not valid. Your blog has been approved on {site_title}. {link}]]> No categories added. PRIVATE ENTRY PRIVATE ENTRY - FRIENDS ONLY Private blog entry... Private blog entry. Friends only... Approve Favorite Add to your Favorites Report Report a Blog Are you sure you want to delete this blog? Add New Blog View Drafts ({count}) No blogs have been added yet. Be the First to Add a Blog. Posted on {post_time} by {user_link}. Comments Moderate Comments First No Comments Blog has been deleted! Tags Status Date Delete You have not added any drafts. You have not added any blogs. Add a New Blog Entry {user_link} has not added any blogs. Browse Other Blog Entries This blog is pending an Admins approval. {user_name} added a new comment on their own blog.]]> {user_name} added a new comment on your blog.]]> {user_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s blog.]]> {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> {link}]]> Blogs View More Blogs Blog created on {time_stamp} by {full_name}.]]> Write a Blog Manage Blogs {full_name} wrote a comment on your blog "{blog_title}".]]> Blogs Text Digg IntergrationAdd Digg integration.]]> {full_name} likes your blog.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own blog.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s blog.]]> Update Tags (Blogs) Can view private and password protected blogs? No blog categories have been created. Create one now Update Users Activity Blog Points Approve blogs before they are publicly displayed? Recent Blogs Most Disccused Most Discussed Pending There are blogs pending approval. Total: {total} Approve blogs here. You are posting a little too soon. There are no pending blogs. Blog Cache (Minutes)Define how many minutes to wait until blogs are repopulated with new data. Set this to "0" (without quotes) to always output the latest data. Note for larger communities we strongly advice to enable this feature as this will improve your sites overall performance.]]> Total Pages to CacheBy default we display 5 blogs per page on the blog section. If caching is enabled this setting controls how many blogs to cache thus allowing users to browse X number of pages in cache before running a query to retrieve live data. If we display 5 items per page and this setting is set to 4 it will cache 20 blogs as we multiply the total blogs we display by this setting.]]> Write your blog entry here... Blog has been approved. Blog Approved Search Blogs... Latest Most Liked All Blogs My Blogs Pending Blogs by {full_name} Actions View Blog Comment Privacy Control who can see this blog. Control who can comment on this blog. by {full_name} Report this blog No blogs found. {title}" To view this blog follow the link below: {link}]]> {row_full_name}'s blog "{title}"]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name} commented on {gender} blog. {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> Unable to post a comment on this item due to privacy settings. {row_full_name}'s blog "{title}"]]> Users Blog Count See More {title}]]> {title}"]]> On {name}'s blog]]> Please provide some text for your blog. Blog(s) successfully approved. Blog(s) successfully deleted. {user_name} tagged you in a comment in a blog Blogs Blog successfully deleted. blog entry Cannot display this section due to privacy. database()->select('bt.text_parsed AS text, b.blog_id, b.title, u.user_name, u.full_name, b.time_stamp') ->from(Phpfox::getT('blog'), 'b') ->join(Phpfox::getT('user'), 'u', 'u.user_id = b.user_id') ->join(Phpfox::getT('blog_text'), 'bt','bt.blog_id = b.blog_id') ->where('b.is_approved = 1 AND b.privacy = 0 AND b.post_status = 1') ->limit(Phpfox::getParam('rss.total_rss_display')) ->order('b.blog_id DESC') ->execute('getSlaveRows'); $iCnt = count($aRows); foreach ($aRows as $iKey => $aRow) { $aRows[$iKey]['description'] = $aRow['text']; $aRows[$iKey]['link'] = Phpfox::permaLink('blog', $aRow['blog_id'], $aRow['title']); $aRows[$iKey]['creator'] = $aRow['full_name']; }]]> database()->select('category_id, name') ->from(Phpfox::getT('blog_category')) ->where('user_id = 0') ->execute('getSlaveRows'); if (count($aCategories)) { foreach ($aCategories as $aCategory) { $aRow['child'][Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.url')->makeUrl('rss', array('id' => $aRow['feed_id'], 'category' => $aCategory['category_id']))] = $aCategory['name']; } }]]> getBlogsByCategory(Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.request')->get('category'), 0, array('AND blog.is_approved = 1 AND blog.privacy = 0 AND blog.post_status = 1'), 'blog.time_stamp DESC', 0, Phpfox::getParam('rss.total_rss_display')); foreach ($aRows as $iKey => $aRow) { $aRows[$iKey]['description'] = $aRow['text']; $aRows[$iKey]['link'] = Phpfox::permalink('blog', $aRow['blog_id'], $aRow['title']); $aRows[$iKey]['creator'] = $aRow['full_name']; } $aCategory = $this->database()->select('*') ->from(Phpfox::getT('blog_category')) ->where('category_id = ' . (int) Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.request')->get('category')) ->execute('getSlaveRow'); $aFeed['feed_link'] = Phpfox::permalink('blog.category', $aCategory['category_id'], $aCategory['name']); $sDescription = $aCategory['name'];]]> view_blogs edit_own_blog edit_user_blog delete_own_blog delete_user_blog search_blogs add_new_blog points_blog blog_add_categories can_password_protect_blogs can_control_comments_on_blogs can_use_editor_on_blog can_post_comment_on_blog can_view_password_protected_blog blog_category_limit show_drafts_count can_delete_other_blog_category can_delete_own_blog_category can_approve_blogs can_view_private_blogs approve_blogs flood_control_blog 'business', 'Education' => 'education', 'Entertainment' => 'entertainment', 'Family & Home' => 'family-home', 'Health' => 'health', 'Recreation' => 'recreation', 'Shopping' => 'shopping', 'Society' => 'society', 'Sports' => 'sports', 'Technology' => 'technology' ); foreach ($aBlogCategories as $sName => $sUrl) { $this->database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('blog_category'), array( 'name' => $sName, 'added' => PHPFOX_TIME ) ); } ]]>