attachment phpfox 0 1 1 module_attachment 120 400 4 0 Points received when adding a new attachment for an item. Can attach items on blogs? 0. If you do not want to set a limit set this to null.]]> Can delete their own attachments? Can delete attachments added by other users? Attachment Information Failed. File extension is not valid. Done! Uploading Attached Files {total} views Attach Files Upload New Attachment(s) Browse Archives Current Attachments No attachments Upload Attachments(s) Add More Attachments Valid file extensions Cancel Add Description... Use Inline (Full Image) Use Inline (Thumbnail) Use Inline Delete You have reached your upload limit. Failed: Limit Reached Usage This is a testthis is just a test...]]> Tells if the members of this usergroup can attach to their bulletins Attachments Manage Types Add a Type Attachment type successfully updated. Attachment type successfully added. Attachments Add an Attachment Type Editing an Attachment Type No such download found. Successfully uploaded! Provide an extension. Provide a MIME type. Remove Inline Use Image No attachments available. JPG, GIF or PNG The file size limit is {max_file_size}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller item. Attachment Type Info Extension MIME Type Is Image Image This extension already exists. Manage Types Add New Type Attachments Select attachment(s) to upload. Uploading attachment(s) Done Attachments Add Enable Mass UploaderWhen enabled users will be allowed to use a mass file uploader to select multiple files from a single file select dialog. This uses an integration of SWFUpload ( and thus it uses a Flash object.]]> You are not allowed to download this attachment Attach a Photo Attach a Video Attach a File Manage Attachments Insert Insert a Photo Attach a Link Insert a Video Insert Emoticon Attachments Upload a Photo Import a Photo Attachments Converting points_attachment can_attach_on_blog attachment_limit delete_own_attachment delete_user_attachment can_attach_on_bulletin item_max_upload_size 'jpg', 'mime_type' => 'image/jpeg', 'is_active' => '1', 'is_image' => '1', 'added' => '1208637306' ), array( 'extension' => 'jpeg', 'mime_type' => 'image/jpeg', 'is_active' => '1', 'is_image' => '1', 'added' => '1208637306' ), array( 'extension' => 'gif', 'mime_type' => 'image/gif', 'is_active' => '1', 'is_image' => '1', 'added' => '1208637335' ), array( 'extension' => 'png', 'mime_type' => 'image/png', 'is_active' => '1', 'is_image' => '1', 'added' => '1212577320' ), array( 'extension' => 'zip', 'mime_type' => 'image/zip', 'is_active' => '1', 'is_image' => '1', 'added' => '1212577320' ) ); foreach ($aExtensions as $aExtension) { $this->database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('attachment_type'), array( 'extension' => $aExtension['extension'], 'mime_type' => $aExtension['mime_type'], 'is_active' => $aExtension['is_active'], 'is_image' => $aExtension['is_image'], 'added' => $aExtension['added'] ) ); } ]]>